Monday, March 28, 2011

Art/Schoolwork Roundup

Drew, Madelyn, and Hannah decided we should have a family art party. So, we ripped out the paints and everyone went at it. Little did I know that Jed was such and artist!! I think his apple is pretty impressive. (Sorry its crooked) And now I feel really bad because Hannah's picture is not in here!! But her picture was awesome too.

Madelyn has figured out rainbow order.

I think she is getting really good at name writing.

This one cracks me up. I found this in Drew's take home folder from school. If you cannot read it, it says: "One day me and my dad went for a ride in are gocart. My dad did a cookie. My gocart trnd over and it about kild me. and I was savd. The end." Love it, and it is a true story....a little exaggerated, but true. ;)

Another of Drew's school papers that impressed me with its neatness!

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