Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kids say....

I love the funny things kids say, and I just thought I would quickly jot down a couple things I've heard around our house the last couple of days.
I, in a not so genius mothering moment, was trying to encourage my two older children to keep their rooms clean in the basement by letting them know if their floors are clean, spiders won't have many places to hide. Well now I've scared the pants of my kids. So..... they don't want to go to bed. Every night we have had to have a de-scarifying spider talk. (not too easy for me, since I suffer from extreme spider paranoia) Anyway, in tonights spider discussion we talked about spider eyes. Drew didn't think spiders could see all that well because they walk right onto sticky traps. Then we talked about them having several eyes. Madelyn wondered why Drew didn't think they could see very well if they had so many eyes. I told her "I guess I don't know a whole lot about the eyesight of spiders." She quickly told me I should check out "spiders.com." Thought that was funny.
Yesterday, Drew discovered the three P's. "There's the letter 'P,' the innapropriate 'P,' and the vegetable 'P'"......thought that was funny too.
This morning, there has been beautiful blue sky, and in that sky I noticed the moon. I called Madelyn over to come see it. We talked about how funny it was that the moon was out when the sun was too. Then she kind of laughed and said, "Jesus forgot to change it!!" That was funny too.
I'm having bedtime wars tonight. Gotta go re-put some kids to bed.


  1. Macie thinks all bugs are yucky, and did ever since I can remember. Reed says that I have already instilled my fear of bugs in her....oops. As for the fabric....I got it a couple weeks ago, if that at Joann's. When you walk in the new store turn to your left and it's all along that back and side wall. It was all 50% and 30% off. I think one brand is called calico prints and the other quilting....something. But as for the running in there quick....it totally was not quick! They have you pick a number at the cutting table before you shop because it takes so long. They cut very slow in my opinion;) not sure why.

  2. So funny! Children are so wise!
    Hey, I keep forgetting to tell you I do know Debbie Smoot. I do remember her great smile with little dimples--blue eyes, brown hair. I think I remember her knowing how to yodel! I was not in choir with her though. That was Lisa--I may have met her through Lisa though. Say hi to her for me, and ask her if she still yodels.