Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out of Hibernation!!!

Today is a beautiful day!! The girls and I went outside for a heavenly spring adventure. We came across these frozen in time scissors, I thought they were hilarious. We have very little snow/ice left at our house, but this remains as one of the last chunks to melt-complete with scissors of all things.

We had some foot races. And oh boy does it ever feel great to get some life back into our legs through full out sprinting! Makes me feel alive again!


Just trimming some weeds.

We started a rock collection, not too hard for us since that is what our yard is full of. These were some of our favorites.

We skillfully made beautiful weed bouquets.

Funny thing, another pair of scissors was discovered outside, this pair was not frozen in a block of ice. Hannah was cutting the mud.

We made "cookies" out of dirt/sand that were "healthy" for our bodies. Madelyn wondered what would happen if we infused cookies with vitamins. I think she was trying to get her mother to allow "cookie vitamins" as a staple food item. No such luck, although people in the food industry are trying the same tactics.

It was so fun to play outside!!!! I love that blue sky!!!

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  1. What a fun day! What a great mom you are to take time to go outside with your kids and have a fun filled day.