Monday, March 28, 2011

I love an excuse to party

We had some fun making St. Patrick's Day a day to remember. We had an "Irish Princess Tea Party." I'm pretty sure this was Madelyn and Hannah's favorite part of the day. I bought this awesome bread at our local grocer. With a sudden burst of inspiration and fun, this lunch went from pretty cool, to a lunch to remember. I sent the girls downstairs while I hurriedly put the tea party together. Everything we ate was grean including a green smoothie. It was just a light colored fruit smoothie with a handful of basically tasteless spinach, turning it into a pleasant green.

The girls had to find their seat by checking the labeled place settings. (Not really all that hard for Hannah, the pink booster seat was a fairly big clue). They each got a little shamrock necklace for them to wear. I totally love how there are insta-manners and fancy lingo that just naturally accompany a tea party!

Lily loved the pickles and chewing on celery.

I was going to make corned beef for dinner, but there was no corned beef around. So I made a roast and was tempted to just put corn on top to make me feel authentic....I resisted.

Last year for our SPD party the kids and I each made up one game. Since I didn't record the happenings of last year's party only two of the games remained...they were the only ones we could remember. This game is a clover hunt. The clovers have different amounts of money writte on the back, we have a $1 clover and that is the ultimate one.

Madelyn found it!

Lily searching for a clover.

Our other game is a hunt for the pot of gold filled with candy. Madelyn found it too! I think it is fun to just have an excuse to do something a little out of the ordinary, especially this time of year. The kids love it and I do too!

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