Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The ride home...

I really need to wrap up my posts from the trip!!  On the last day we spent pretty much all day in the car, minus one stop in the mountains to swim in some hot springs. 
One thing I learned about myself on this trip:
I love to drive.....more accurately I like to ride.
I do not get sick of driving.  I love to see all of Heavenly Father's creations and discover new things. 
Maybe when we get older Jed can be a trucker and I will be his sidekick.
Yep, I love it all right.
I'm so glad we went on this road trip in the fall, such a gorgeous time to take a loooong drive.
As much as we loved it, it sure is nice to come home and sleep in your own bed.
It was a great trip that I'm so grateful we took!

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