Sunday, November 11, 2012

More trip....

Drew looks really thrilled to have caught a fish. 
He really was....
Madelyn caught fish too.
Even Lily had her chance to catch a fish.
Actually, I think grandpa or her dad caught the fish and let her reel it in, but it was so fun to watch her!
There were some really neat cave exploring opportunities pretty close to our condo, so we went to check one out.
When we got there we were told they were closed for the season due to would have been a pretty cool cave.  We only got to go a few feet inside.
The little ones loved crunching in the autumn leaves....a treat we don't get at home due to our lack of them.
We found this really cool little bridge.
If we had a bit more time there it would have made a cute family picture spot.
We were referred to this national park area where there was this natural bridge.  It was pretty huge.
You can see that person underneath it in this picture.
There were these cute little red bugs....those teeny tiny red spots on this picture, that Lily and I thought were really cute.  Later we found out they were chiggers and pass along diseases.  Sick.  I'm glad we didn't get too friendly with the little guys.

The scenery was beautiful.
Claire and Dad.
So pretty!

At this national park there is a castle that is burnt down that is really incredible.  It was a really rich man's home he had built, but he died in a tragic automobile accident (early 1900's) and never got to see it finished.  His son fulfilled the dream and had it completed, only to burn down shortly after.  It was incredibly huge and gorgeous with the most incredible views ever.

It is hard to even get a feel of how majestic this place was through these pictures.

This is the view from the castle lot.  Wow, right?!

That is the castles water tower.  It was so intriguing.  I love the stories and artifacts and exploring stuff like this.
We squeezed in one more hike before it got too dark.
Really pretty place.
I think this was the beginnings of a spring that put out tons of gallons of water.  I wish I remembered all of the facts about all these places, but I am a throw awayer and threw away all of my little handouts and papers....
The castle place is on top of that cliff.
This picture looks weird, but I just loved the dusk and the lights on the water....even when it is blurry.  We kind of had to hurry out of the hike because there was a mountain lion that frequents that place at night.  A lady that takes care of the national park bathrooms and garbage told us she sees the mountain lion about every night, she said he pretty much left her alone.  Ack!!  I don't know if I could handle that kind of thing...

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