Thursday, November 15, 2012

the better part...

 We had a family Halloween party with just us for FHE.  That night was totally fun and carefree.  We had a great time making slime in our dark "haunted" house lit by our little ghostie lanterns.
That expression of mine is cute isn't it??  Haaha.  
Everyone loved the slime, flubber, glubber, blubber, goo, etc.  We had plenty of names for the stuff.
 It was a pretty fun science experiment too...
 Ooooo, see that in Hannah's hair?  Yep that got dried in there overnight.  I had to marinate her in the bath to get that stuff out!

Definitely a good time.
 A little sharing of love notes went on too....
 Gotta love that. :)
 Then we made a ghostie and hooked him up to the ceiling fan.  We did that when Drew was little and he just thought that was the funniest thing...
It was still a hit.
Then we were going to decorate Halloween sugar cookies, and I bought the stuff to do that with....but when it came right down to it, we just had ice cream sundaes and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."  I had never seen it....I don't think we quite liked it enough to make it tradition....  we'll have to find another keeper.  
I'm so glad (with how stressful Halloween turned out) we had such a fun night with our family!!!

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  1. it's the simple things. yay for a happy moment to hold onto when things are rough!