Saturday, November 10, 2012

A birthday....

 We had a very anticipated birthday around here nearly two weeks ago.....little miss Hannah turned 4!  It was a great day!  I had asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner on the way to the grocery store since I always make their favorite dinner for their b-day.....  Her response?  Grilled cheese and tomato soup.  (Yes!!  I could totally handle that!)  no wait......EGG ROLLS!!  (heart in the world would I ever find time to make those?!)  I stayed up late on Saturday night to surprise her with the above cake.  It was a lot of fun to make and turned out as planned, I love it when that happens!
 Since Hannah's birthday was on a Sunday, we had to do a little extra planning to make it work. 
In order to have her dad with us for present opening, we had to wake up at 5:30 AM!!  :O
 had to snap pictures of her siblings cute notes....
 How old are you?  Here's a groggy showing of how old she is:

 present opening....

 These necklaces were a hot item.  Poor Lily had these wrapped up a day or two in advance, they were her present to give.  But she didn't quite understand that once she gave them to Hannah, Hannah got to keep them.  Poor girl, it sure made for a rough day.  She didn't want to go to nursery...and just generally had a rough one.

 The boots were the desire of Hannah's heart.  "Fuzzy boots" were what she wanted.  I love when what they want = something they needed.  :)

 Claire absolutely loved that wrapping paper:

 The balloons were a hit too....
 More partying....
 More presents...
 Cake time!!!
Family picture!
I love Hannah because:
1-She loves to laugh (and has the best one) and have fun.  She can see the humor in life and is a tease too.
2-She wants to be a good girl.  She helps her little sisters, she wants to do her best to choose the right so our family can be together forever.
3. She is a great sharer.  Even on her birthday with her brand new gifts, she shared her necklaces and let Madelyn wear one to church, she shared her brand new markers too.
4- She is patient.  Man, is she ever patient.  That poor girl takes a lot from siblings from the top down and from the bottom up.  Poor Hannah has had her hair thinned out by Lily and deals with that little girls violence in a mainly graceful way.  
And I love that Hannah has so much character in her tiny little frame.  She is pretty much a whole head shorter than others her age, but she is so capable.  She speaks wonderfully, loves learning, is mostly happy, and has so much zest for life!
Love you Han!!
Oh, and P.S.  I never was able to carve out time to make those egg rolls, so on Saturday night we ordered egg rolls from the local chinese joint.  We will never do that again!  Homemade are so much better!!

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