Friday, April 20, 2012


Last Tuesday at mutual we had a really fun combined activity with the boys and girls. They had several stations set up with things they would need to know if/when they serve a mission. One of the stations was on haircutting. Since I cut my family's hair I thought I would hang around that station and learn a thing or two. I did. It was great. I learned a lot of things that I had done that I shouldn't and a lot of things I should start doing. Perfect. Both Jed and Drew needed haircuts and I got all fired up ready to go on their hair.
Finally, a 15 minute window of time opened up in one of my days last week--absolutely crazy busy week....several posts for several different days--and I cleaned out our hair buzzer and got Drew suited up ready to go. Now, even in my open window of time I had every child crying out with several different needs. It was just one of those times where everyone needed mom and they all needed me right then. I was trying to just tune it out and tell them I could help them in a few minutes as I got started on the back of Drew's hair. A couple of inches up the back of his head I noticed something was not quite right. I forgot to put the guard on! First time ever!!! I about started crying and Madelyn walks up and says, "It looks like you are bald right there" to Drew. I about died. I was so excited to put all of my learning to practice.... And it had to be on Drew's baptism haircut! I told Drew what happened and that I would try to fix it as best I could with the shortest sized guard. And my Drew, the sweetest boy on the planet just told me, "It's ok mom. I like it like this. It's ok." Then I pretty much did start crying. Man, is he ever such a good hearted little man. So forgiving. I just plain love that little guy!
So I did my best to fix it. And it ended up not being too horrible--noticeable...but not the end of the world. And he did look sharp, despite the haircut, for his baptism.

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