Monday, April 30, 2012


 Ok, I finally figured out the issue with my camera not loading pictures on the computer for the past 3 weeks...I am so very behind in recording life.  Plus the new blogger setup is a little different.  With the old style I figured out that if I loaded the pictures in perfectly backwards order, they came out in the right order.  I guess they fixed that because I did what I usually do...and they are still in backwards order.  So here is our Easter.....backwards.
 Our Easter Sunday was a little different this year.  We didn't quite get around to dyeing Easter eggs on Saturday, so there were no Easter eggs for the bunny to hide.  And, the Easter bunny didn't come until after church.  He did leave a note before we left for church saying he had to hop back home to get more cool things for their baskets.  The kids were ok with that...but thought it was strange especially when the bunny visited all their friends.  Crazy!!
 (These fishy ring suckers were a HUGE hit especially with Lily.  I'm pretty sure she sucked on everyone elses fishies too.)  Things didn't exactly run like clockwork on Easter Sunday.  I was asked to play my violin with the choir for the special program which I said I would.  I waited a few days for the choir director to bring me the music, but it never came.  I called during the week and only got the answering machine, so I left a message.  We didn't get back from our weekend festivities until later Saturday night so I called and still no answer.  PANIC.  No music and I was supposed to play in the morning.  Needless to say, sleep did not come too naturally that night.  I called as early as I felt comfortable with, and got ahold of her.  She said she would love for me to still play and I said I would as long as it wasn't too hard and as long as I could maneuver my way around not having a G string, since it had broken recently.  So I hurriedly got everything/everyone ready and luckily the Easter bunny was able to scrawl a note out to let the kids know he was still coming, and we were out the door by 8:15 so I could practice with the choir.  Not an easy feat--but we did it.  It certainly wasn't a picture perfect Easter morning.  I really wanted to find cute cheap Easter dresses for the girls which I don't always do, but they were in need of new dresses--none to be found, and I really wanted to atleast make some new bows--nope.  We barely made it out the door with everyone's church clothes on and hair done!!!  Sometimes I just fly by the seat of my pants around here and sometimes I just have to let some ideas of mine go and just let things come and go.  I have to remind myself life goes on, and it isn't about the frilly dresses and dyed eggs anyway!!
We had a wonderful set of Christ centered meetings and the musical number went fine.
I love Easter.
 (Drew was pretty excited to get a humongous jawbreaker, something he has always wanted!)  After church the kids were still surprised to see the Easter bunny still had not come!  I told them I thought he wanted to wait for our whole family to be together, so we waited for Jed to come home from his meetings.  Wow, that was a display of patience on the part of my children. 
When Jed got home we all prepared for to go for a walk.  While we were gone, the Easter bunny magically visited and also left yet another note apologizing for his lateness. 
 The kids had to find their hidden baskets as usual.
 Everyone got a kite, and we went out and flew them.
  Hannah was so cute trying to get her kite up in the air.  She mostly just got it to trail behind her, it was so fun to watch her.
Drew won a bunny at the Easter Egg hunt we went to.  I love that now our kids know what to expect when certain holidays come around.  We have gone to Swan Valley to Jed's family's property for the last few years and gone to their egg hunt Saturday morning.  The kids always have a fun time there.   

I took the big kids to their hunt and Jed took Hannah and Lily to the toddler hunt. 

This was our first official trip with our new camper.  We "camped" in our driveway a couple of months ago in the snow, but this was our first away from home camping trip.  The kids LOVE it!!  I think the pictures speak for themselves.....

We played games in together, watched movies, and lounged around in there.  We had some adventures outside and roasted marshmallows.  We went up to Jed's grandma's cabin which has a porch that goes all the way around it.  The kids all raced around it, but the most impressive was Lily.  She seriously had to have run atleast a mile!!  She ran and ran and ran and ran, and tripped then ran and ran some more.  She really had to have done atleast 70+ laps.  She will make a great running partner if she keeps this up!!  We had a pretty fun time and didn't get around to leaving to late Saturday night.

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