Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After the work...

....comes the prize. Drew has figured that formula out. Drew has been wanting a remote control helicopter for some time now. Jed had gone ahead and bought one for his upcoming birthday before he even really had his heart set on one. He was getting serious about this helicopter and was counting his money, researching online which one he wanted, and asking for extra chores. I thought we would be safe atleast until his birthday so I wasn't too worried about it. Well after picking up hundreds of nails from us having to take off our roof--he had earned more than enough. Now what?! I love to make their birthday with just the right gift, but this boy had his heart set on that thing and was at the computer asking us to help him buy it. In the end we decided to let him learn that hard work does bring sweet rewards and let him purchase his own helicopter. Imagine his surprise as Jed pulled out the exact one out of our bedroom that he had been saving for--no wait for shipping!! He was thrilled and stayed up way beyond his bedtime with us learning to work his new toy. It was great! And I think a great lesson was learned in the process.

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