Thursday, April 19, 2012


For a family night...or was it FHE...I'm a little behind in recording our families life so the details are getting foggy ...we went geocaching. Everyone was so excited about going on a "treasure hunt."

I had to include this picture of Lily, so I can always remember how easy it is to put her in her car seat. ;) It's not. She does not like to be restrained in any way. We started small and found two geocache sites fairly close to our house. We still struggled a little and even had someone come out and tell us to get off their property. That's always fun and adds some thrill! The clues said it was on private property but to feel free to walk around, so that is a little awkward when you're not walking around on the right private property! :)
But we found it and how very exciting that was to the kids!!

There was a starburst in this one that Lily was trying to open....bleh!! It was a little upsetting to her that her mom would not let her eat that antique candy!

We found another cache with a big huge stash of bouncy balls. The kids wished they could have the entire treasure of balls--so hard to pick just one that everyone thought was neat.

We talked to the owner and creator of the cache, he was so nice and just let us roam his forrested property in search of the prize. It was a pretty good one and fun to find.

We even got to watch a herd of sheep as we waited for Jed to go back and retrieve the car for us. Overall a pretty fun geocaching experience for us newbies!

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