Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Weeks...

and counting.  I can't believe there is 5 weeks left of pregnancy.  Hooray!!  I'm pretty excited and of course nervous.... having a baby is a pretty life changing experience.  Life is never the same when you introduce a new little one to your family.  My older children can't hardly believe there was family life before Hannah and Lily, they are just part of us. 
    Jed and I did our traditional pre-baby tour of the hospital on our last date-which we finally squeezed in after a pretty packed no date 4 weeks.  We just like to brush up on the routine of baby having--we ought to have it down pat by now!  Our hospital had a recent remodel that I had never seen before and it looks great--almost exciting!  :)  
    So now I am down to Dr. visits every week--I just can't believe it.  Things have gone pretty normally this pregnancy.  I think my emotions have been much more on the surface this time than in previous pregnancies.  I feel like I can cry at the drop of a hat--if you haven't noticed my mention of crying in recent posts....pregnancy hormones at work.  I usually am bombarded with emotions post maybe I got some of those out of my system and I won't be so sensitive after she is born...?   Like yesterday.  We had a rough sacrament meeting, so rough I was in the bathroom trying to regain my emotions before I could even go to sunday school.  That is one of the things I am most nervous about--doing church solo with 5 being brand new.
     A few of the things that make this pregnancy stand out:
               *  I have discovered a love and passion for fajitas and pico de gallo that I could eat by the      spoonful.
               *  I love love love fresh pineapple and buy one whenever they are a decent price.  Soooo good.
               *  I love that Hannah likes to compete with my belly.  Hers against mine.  She thinks hers is the same size.  I wish they were....
               *  Drew likes to feel and watch the baby move.  Pretty fascinated.
               *  I exercised religiously this WHOLE time and it didn't save me one pound.  :)
               *  None of my kids have drawn me with a belly in their pictures.  I used to think it was so funny when I would see stick figures and know instantly which was mine...the one with the big circle in the middle.
               *  Made green smoothies--also hasn't saved me one pound.  :)  It's that darn sugar that I always crave so badly when I'm pregnant.  Ugh.
               *  We've been much more busy this time around--so instead of crafting little bows and making cute little baby things I've been cleaning out the freezer, re-organizing, and freezing meals any chance I get.
               *  Jed and I can't agree on a name.
      Five weeks is still awhile, but this next month will keep us busy too.  Anniversary, 3 family birthdays, Mother's Day, end of the school year programs and field trips, and other regular stuff.  She will be here before we know it!!!

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  1. We are so excited for you!!! I know things will go well.