Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Few Things...

I need to record before they get left behind. This summer Grandpa Jody completed making a children's train that hooks right onto his lawn mower. It is really quite the creative project!! I'm pretty sure no fuel containers, dollys, and pipe insulation has ever brought children more joy! Ingenius--and the kids think so too. They love this thing. And it can pull the parents that need to ride with small ones. He has it conveniently all packed away, ready to go in a trailer for any family gathering we have. And it is a hit with all of the kids!! It really is cute!

Drew and Madelyn had fun rolling down the hill in the inner tube with Grandma's help.

Cute Lily.

These next few pictures could not go without being documented in some way. One day I was enjoying a moment of respite while Hannah and Lily played beautifully together in the other room. When will I ever learn? Moment of respite= TROUBLE.

Hannah and Lily had gotten into the fingernail polish--climbed up the shelves to find it no less. Luckily no carpet or painted walls were harmed or vandalized in their project. Just a couple pieces of clothing and themselves.

Who was the major culprit? Well, my guess is Hannah who painted an "H" on her tummy and totally gave Lily a makeover. She hasn't figured out that that "H" marking is a dead giveaway..... No amount of scrubbing would take this stuff off, we were just left with time to wash everything away.

I also can't forget Hannah's first love. A little caterpillar she lovingly named Shemo. What started as a mom pointing out the joys of nature, soon escalated into a little girl absolutely losing her heart, loving this caterpillar so much!! We of course had to make him a jar home. She insisted he come everywhere with her--even to the grocery store. I consented and let her. I tried to insist that he stay in his jar, but I would find her in different areas of the house with the jar--lid unscrewed, holding her little best friend.

It really was the cutest thing. We tried to make him as comfortable as we could. Giving him plenty of food.

Finally, we could tell this little guy was slowing down. Hannah knew he was getting sick and insisted we give him medicine. Not knowing of any caterpillar medicine and trying to explain that, she took matters into her own hands and thought that a bit of water would nurse him back to health. Unfortunately, his health went down drastically after that.

We tried to release him back into the wild, but he didn't weather well. Even though it was raining, Hannah took her blanket out onto the porch and stayed at his bedside.

After it was apparent that our little friend had passed on, essentially from being loved too much, I tried to coax Hannah back into the house....it did not go over well. This poor little girl had suffered her first heartbreak.

But Shemo still lives on in her heart, we made little green fuzzy caterpillars out of pipe cleaners. She lovingly named one of them, Shemo.


  1. Oh--I hope her little heart is doing better! The story is sweet and funny though. You are a very good writer.

  2. Oh and I love the H on the belly! And the Grandpa train is awesome!

  3. Just read this again with Miranda--who thought all your adventures very funny!