Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

I can't believe this girl is six! Time flies.She wanted a tie dye cake for her birthday cake. We thought it turned out pretty fun. We love these colorful cakes because we just frost them white, looking plain enough. Then when we dig into them they just really pop out some bright colors! And it is always a surprise to see how they turn out.

Onto Madelyn's b-day party which I talked a bit about in the post just before this one...these are the party favors we gave out to friends. pink pink pink.

Lunch. I didn't go too crazy and bake my own pink bread or anything....we just did our best to make it pink-ish. I thought the white chocolate pink marshmallows turned out pretty cute though.

Here are a few of the pink party guests.

Here are our pinkalicious cupcakes, Madelyn loved how they turned out.

And here is one of our games, "pin the cherry on the cupcake." All in all it was a great and fun party and it all came together without much fuss!


  1. The big six! Such a big girl!! What a fun party idea. Everything looked very cute and very girly!

  2. cute cute cute! it looks very pink!

  3. That is an adorable party! I remember when she was born. Can't believe she is 6!