Saturday, December 10, 2011


We've had a lot of them the last couple....few months. Oh my, am I ever behind in recording life's events. I celebrated a birthday in September and some of my favorite moments from that were: the kids making breakfast for me all by themselves--Jed was out of town so they made sure to make me feel special, going on a walk and eating Reed's Dairy--we pretty much go on a walk for my birthday every's just one of my favorite things, I love how the kids were so excited to give me presents. Their excitement kind of rubs off!!

We celebrated Jed's birthday not much later. It was fun....and the sad thing is, when I don't write things down fast enough my brain washes away all memories!! It is horrible.

Atleast I have pictures.

Next was Hannah's birthday, which we celebrated right in the heart of my morning sickness nastiness. So I barely was able to make her birthday wish come true of a "strawberry cake." That was her one birthday wish. And I have no pictures because Lily lost the camera for several weeks. No Halloween pictures either. :( So, I guess, so much for pictures!! She is now 3 and growing up so much. She is still just as full of personality as ever!

Then Madelyn's birthday came next. I had never thrown a friend party for Madelyn before--bad mom huh? So I decided this year was the year. Madelyn and I had a really fun time planning and organizing her birthday. She wanted a "Pinkalicious" birthday party (if you have never read that book, you must, it is very cute). We planned a party with little themes from the book. We played pin the cherry on the cupcake, "pink pink green" as in duck duck goose, and musical chairs. We also read the story at the beginning and asked all of the attendees to wear pink. It turned out fun with a cute little luncheon for the friends too. And it was fairly easy to pull together! Gotta love that. And of course we decorated heartily in pink and made pinkalicious party favors for her friends to take home. I'll put pictures up on a separate post for her birthday, because it is not letting me arrange pictures very easily this time....and I don't want to waste my time!!

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