Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Million Thanks!

to my husband who let me practically take a day off of mothering to go to the regional conference with Julie B. Beck. It seriously was remarkable and I'm so grateful that I could go!! Sister Beck has been someone I admire greatly for some time now, so it was just so amazing to be there with her and feel of her strong spirit and faithfulness. I was able to sing in the choir and she came out and talked to us before the meeting began. She is amazing!! Did I mention that already?! And I got to give her a hug!! If I didn't know better I would have snuck in a camera, got her autograph, and told her how much I admire her and how she has influenced who I am and want to become....but bringing a camera was against the rules, as far as the autograph goes...well it isn't exactly necessary, and I really could talk her ear off about how neat I think she is, but other people wanted to talk to her too and never mind about me freezing when it was my turn and actually not being able to say anything but "thank you." (world's largest sentence)
She organized the meeting to be a question answer session where women could go and ask questions when prompted by the spirit. Her knowledge and use of the scriptures was incredible and I love how she doesn't mince words. She tells it like it is and doesn't apologize for it. Which I think the world desperately needs! It was most definitely an inspiring meeting! Jed and I went on a date yesterday evening and I think I wore his ear off talking about the things that I had learned. But I am excited to work on some new goals for myself and put those impressions I had into practice in my life!

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  1. So cool! I love Sis. Beck. She will be in Nova Scotia this summer so hopefully I will get to go see her too!