Thursday, February 10, 2011


We have had our carpet for one year now, and unfortunately some of the lighter strands of carpet have unraveled quite a bit. It has left the floor looking a little fuzzy instead of like plush carpet. This really wouldn't be a huge deal to me, but since the carpet is only one year old and it has a warranty, I called the store about it. They sent over a carpet inspector who reinforced the idea that it needed replacement. This they will do *free* of charge. It has been nearly a month since we've heard anything more about it, which has ended up being a HUGE blessing. This last week, our carpet has seen more mishaps than it has in its entire year history. Unfortunately, a stomach flu bug has visited my oldest three children. There have been atleast 6 cases of throw up on our carpet. I have been busy in the middle of several nights this week washing bedding, disinfecting, mopping, scrubbing, etc. To add to this, Hannah for the last few weeks has been into changing her own diaper. This sounds ideal...but not when you see a little dirty bottomed girl running through the house and you are frantically chasing after her so she does not sit down on anything! Well yesterday, it happened. I was finishing up in the shower and came out to see a dirty diaper on the floor and a mess on the carpet......sigh..... I'm just so grateful for whatever is causing the delay at Carpet Mart!! It has saved me some stress. And I think as soon as we get this diaper thing figured out and the flu bug is finally gone, I will making a reminder phone call to Carpet Mart.

As a cute sidenote, Hannah came out to see Drew throwing up in a big bowl. She kept saying "You throw up Drew? You sick?" Then she said the cutest thing, "Drew, sometimes I throw up too." So cute, and since she had just gone through it, she definitely said it with compassion and empathy.

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