Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Daily

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Jed's side of the family at his uncle Mike's house. It was a really nice dinner and it was a good chance to see some of Jed's cousins we don't see very often....or else I don't since I don't work with them! The next night we had another dinner at Jed's parents house with Jed's immediate family. That was delicious and really fun too! Then Saturday it was off to Rexburg for another delicious Thanksgiving dinner with wonderful company too! It really was so fun to spend so much time with family!! I love all my family and feel so blessed to be able to have so many of them nearby!!

This season has definitely had me considering all of my many many blessings. We had a family home evening where had many of our blessings listed on paper. It was fun to listen to our children's thoughts on what was most important on that list. Here is my list of things I'm most grateful for:

I'm grateful for a Savior and Father in Heaven who love and watch over my family and I. I'm grateful that through the atonement I'm able to repent of my many mistakes and shortcomings. I'm so grateful that through the atonement I have hope! What a wonderful gift and blessing.

I'm grateful for a wonderful and loving husband. I'm grateful that he has work. I'm grateful that through that work he is able to provide for the things that our family needs. I'm grateful that he is supportive of me in my goals and calling. He is there 100% with no complaints. Thank you! I'm grateful that we have eternity together, because it really will take that long for some of his admirable characteristics and traits to rub off on me!! I truly do feel so grateful that he took a leap of faith and married me!

I'm grateful for four beautiful healthy children who teach me so much!! My life is blessed daily for being a mother. I love those little ones so much, I don't know what I would do without them. I'm grateful that they are so forgiving of me and love me despite my several weaknesses. I'm grateful for their warm hugs, smiles, kind words, and help.

I'm so grateful for so many things, but those are the ones dearest to my heart! I hope I can walk with a spirit of Thanksgiving each day for all the blessings which come to me, large and small!

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