Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Logan Trip

The first weekend of November, Jed and I headed down to Logan to see my niece perform in the play "Suessical the Musical." It was a really fun play that our whole family got to go see. The kids are still singing the songs, and it has been a month! I'm a little behind in blogging.... We stayed at my sisters house and had a campout in their basement. Hannah was WAY too excited about camping out and didn't go to bed until 2:30 A.M.!! Luckily we made good use of the wee hours and skyped my sister Julie who now lives in Abu Dhabi. It is 10 hours ahead there. It was so fun to "chat" with my sister and "see" where they live!! I'm sure we will be looking into skype for ourselves soon!
In the picture above, Lily is sucking on my sister Pam's thumb while staring at her pacifier. We just thought that was kind of funny. Here are some pictures of our children playing with family in the leaves on the very last beautiful "fall" weekend!!

And I really thought this picture was cute. Lily was playing with her feet all the way down to Logan...well in her waking hours of driving I suppose. So this is all I could see on our drive. Cute.

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