Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Bunch of Pictures

So there was not much of a transition from fall to winter. This snow hit us after one of the most beautiful fall days we had!

I don't really know why this picture is here. I don't think it was the picture I was wanting to upload....and I tried to delete it, but here ya go. This is Jed and I messing around with the camera.

Lily was giving the cutest biggest smiles, and I could never quite get the timing right to capture them. So it looks like she is not even happy, but she really was!! I still think it is a cute picture of her and my dad.

It took a really long time before I could let Hannah hold Lily independently and feel half-safe about it. She is doing pretty well, but you have to be there constantly because suddenly she will say, "I done." And then she totally lets go.

One day I found Drew running off with my kitchen dishes, and later he asked me to come see what he made. He was quite excited to introduce me to "Woody." I think we watched Toy Story 3 the night before...

I made these cupcakes for Thanksgiving and while the rest of us were entertained, Hannah decided to pull up a chair and have a taste test. I am surprised to say that she exercised self control and ate a single cupcake entirely by herself--practically licking the wrapper clean.


Here Jed was singing some songs and Lily was completely captivated, and just laid there and listened. I thought it was sweet.


  1. Hello! Your kids are getting so big! They are all adorable. I don't think I've seen your youngest in person. Crazy you saw Mrs. Steiner! Remember how she also taught my mom? My favorite teacher sighting was when I did initatory in the Rexburg temple and the librarian from the high school was a worker. She was very dramatic and would start talking as she walked through the curtain with a flourish. I loved it. Hope you all have a great Christmas!

  2. You are the greatest blogger I've ever seen. Those pictures are so fun. Keep up the good work hun.