Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some picture updates

One day I decided to just let our kids have their fill of snow. So, they got bowls and scooped as much as they cared to eat and then I let them spruce it up with toppings!! They were quite pleased!! Hey, it's cheaper than ice cream.
We finally got around to making a snowman!! Hannah's naps are more predictable now, so the kids and I did everything and anything you can do in the snow. We made snow angels, sledded down our small hill of snow, I pulled them around in the sled, threw snowballs, and made a snowman that they named "Gumby."

What child is this?!
One night as I was straightening my hair, Sis decided she didn't want curly hair anymore. She wanted her hair to be "flat." So I reluctantly took the hair straightener to her hair, a little nervous that they wouldn't come back!! This was the result. It was crazy to see her without her beautiful curls, but she is beautiful no matter what! (And they did come back after a bath)

This is our house!! For any one who has not seen or didn't even know, this is the house we are building. It has been a huge undertaking.....more than 2 years. I think Jed is amazing and has learned how to do so much and I think he has done an amazing job! We've been very blessed in the whole process and look forward to being able to have a house for our little family!! We enjoy this opportunity to work together as a family toward something so important. We still have a lot of work to do, but every week we're a little closer!!

The other week we took Jed's Grandma out to lunch. It was really hard to convince her to let us treat her to lunch!! Like pulling teeth, but she finally relented and we had a great time!!


  1. Out of the corner of my eye I really thought that picture of Madelyn was you. From the nose up she looks just like you (I hadn't scrolled down all the way) and I wondered, why did Jeannette post a picture of herself with her eyes closed?

  2. oops. I was also going to say my roommates and I used to make snow ice cream by adding hot chocolate mix and a little milk to clean snow. Delicious.

  3. Great pictures- keep them coming! Madelynne is looking so old! The house looks beautiful, I really like the siding going vertically. Can't wait for you to get in it!

  4. You're a cool mom! I wish my parents would have let me eat snow, complete with toppings! :)

  5. I am so glad you have a blog now! I used to eat snow should try it with maple syrup:)