Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Having a BLAST!!

We took our family to Blast Off the other night--I guess you could say we had a "blast!" The best part about Blast Off is they let the parents play too! So we crawled through all the tunnels, went down the slides, and spent some time in the big ball pit! Jed completely buried himself in the balls while the kids were in a different area so he could lie and wait to scare them. Drew came back and jumped in, but then wanted to go find dad. Then we waited for Madelyn. The next person to enter the ball pit was a little boy about 6 of whom we were not familiar. He jumped in right about where Jed was, so Jed grabbed his foot while remaining completely out of sight. The little boy shot a bewildered look and then quickly left without saying a word. Then we continued to wait for Madelyn, that was until Jed about lost his life when a husky young man decided to cannonball into the pit....

As you can tell by the look on Hannah's face, she is not keen of Blast Off. I figure she is a bit claustrophobic. Every time we were about to enter a tunnel she started to be fussy!!

Here is Madelyn donning an umbrella and formal wear for a rainstorm outside. Our kids have an obsession with umbrellas. That was what Drew most desired last year and he spent his savings on one. Of course Madelyn had to have one too. Madelyn is into a dress wearing phase. It's one dress after another all day every day. She especially fancies the dresses that need undershirts, but she prefers to wear them without. Then she will come ask me "Does Cinderella wear undershirts?"

This is random, but for some reason was so funny to us today. The kids had hot dogs and they also got orange juice out of the fridge. Well, our pitcher has a handle that has an open space on the top....just the right size to squeeze a hot dog through. It's just funny to me how Drew even thought to place a hot dog in that small opening! Then when Drew was attempting to solve the problem by shoving a spoon handle up the bottom of the pitcher opening, he got the spoon stuck too! Anyway, it gave us a good chuckle. When Drew finally retrieved the hot dog, he took a bite of it and decided it wasn't palatable any more. I've never taken a bottle brush to the opening of the pitcher handle....ever. So, most likely the hot dog took on the flavor of dishwasher detergent residue..... I wouldn't eat it either!

Hannah's new favorite toy!! She is starting to get the feel for this jumper and it is so cute to watch. She likes to twirl and jump simultaneously while keeping eye contact with me. She likes to make sure I see how big she is. She is too much fun. Something Hannah has developed is what we call the "diaper dance." When I change her diaper she thoroughly enjoys the freedom. She swivels her hips from side to side and moves her legs all the while like she is walking in mid-air. It just makes us all laugh!
This month both Drew and Madelyn gave talks in Primary. I handed out the "mail" in Primary (that is where we hand out the assignments for the next weeks opening exercises) and he wouldn't even take his assignment from me. He is SO scared to talk in that microphone and he knew that if he took that mail it would be his turn. After church we tried to pump him up about it, we colored pictures of our family together and ran through the talk several times. He did a great job and said all of his own words. We agreed that if he really didn't want to talk in the microphone he could do his part by holding the pictures we made for me. Then the big day came. He was SO nervous that he didn't even want to hold the pictures! So I gave the talk that week.
A couple of weeks later, I got a phone call at the end of the week from a mother saying their child couldn't give the talk the following Sunday. So I decided I had another member of primary living with me that could fill the assignment. I asked Madelyn if she wanted to give a talk in Primary and she said YES! So we came up with a little talk and when Sunday came she was pretty excited. She is one of the smallest children in Primary so when she stands up to the microphone you can hardly even see her! But she has the cutest little voice and she did a great job!


  1. The hot dog story made me laugh. It reminds me of my little brother when he was young...he was ALWAYS doing things like that:)

  2. Your family is so amazingly adorable. I just can't get enough of this blog so keep those pictures coming. You are such a cute mom.

  3. Jeannette. This comment has nothing to do with your blog post. It is completely random. Here is what I want to know: Remember when we were at Disneyland last (I know, forever ago) and when we would wait in line for the rides we had some sort of sweet patty-cake rhyme that included fake face slapping? I want to remember that. Do you? If you want to respond via email my address is mackay.ashley at gmail.com. I don't know how you will demonstrate it to me via the internet, but I do hope you remember it.

  4. Jeanette!! I saw your link off Hanna's blog! It's so good to see what your little family has been doing. Our blog is private so send me your e-mail when you get a chance-- ahufford at datawav dot com. It'll be fun to keep in touch better :)

  5. Hello little Denning family! I found you through Staceys blog. Im so excited. Now if I could only get into Marjanns blog. How are you? Your kids are getting so big. Hannah is a doll. I can't believe you have number three. Come visit our blog! annie_morton@hotmail.com