Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Goings On

Here is Jed working on our electrical last week. We headed out there to help......if we helped at all. I ran some wires, but Hannah is not a fan of doing electrical work and after enduring some crying we decided to just head back home! I'm excited for the warmer weather where we can be of a lot more assistance!!

The kids and I held a tea party the other day. It was a lot of fun. Madelyn got all dressed up...in her slip....and we had lunch/"tea." I saved these pictures in the order I wanted them posted, but the computer has a mind of its own....to be continued...

Hannah has just seemed to come alive the last couple of weeks! She is so much more aware of everything that is going on around her. She has started playing more with toys and she loves to look them over very closely. Her favorite game now is tag. I hold her and then we chase Drew and Madelyn around and she tags them. She thinks it is hilarious!! She has also started to explore her abilities more on the floor. I'll lay her down and slowly she will turn around in a circle, just like the hands of a clock! She is rolling over now too, which is pretty fun too!

It is funny to me how holding a tea party brings out instinctive manners. At the usual dinner table, sometimes I have to coax the children into just using utensils! Whereas at a tea party, this is what I find: Madelyn cutting her bananas with a knife and fork, such skill!!

This was our tea party menu. Quesadillas, carrots, bananas, and the most important item: Hazlenut hot chocolate. Drew especially loved and was thankful for the "lovely food!" We were sure to invite lots of friends, it turned out to be a great time!


  1. The tea party looked like a good time. Your kids are so lucky to have a mommy like you who takes so much time to play and interact with them.

  2. I think it's funny that girls always think a slip is "dressed up." Maybe because they're frilly?