Friday, February 20, 2009

Life's Little Pleasures

The Idaho winter has started to take its toll on me recently, so I decided to take a positive look at life and reminisce over the little things that bring me joy! In no particular order.
1) The smell of freshly washed baby hair.
2) Hearty laughs from my children.
3) Spending time with my husband, doing.....whatever! As long as we're together I'm good, I'm good.
4) Sunshine! Today is SUNNY and I have our big door open and our glass screen door closed so it is letting the sunshine into our house. It feels SO good!
5) Thoughts of spring, brought on by the sunshine!
6) Listening/reading a good talk or the scriptures and as a result feeling motivated to be a better person.
7) Finding a good deal!!
8) A clean house. With tight quarters and 3 youngens this isn't always easy. Even when it does get clean it doesn't last long so I just relish those moments of cleanliness.
9) Doing the daily Jumble from the newspaper with my hubby--cheesy I know. It wasn't long ago that I had never even spent a single second on one before, but since we have found fun in solving them.
10) Achieving a goal. I love the feeling of accomplishing something difficult.
11) Hot chocolate--complete with the flavored syrups. Mmmmmm..... Jed and I used to get them at Maverik but have since invested in a large amount of Hot Chocolate mix and purchased our own syrups. I love the convenience!
12) Watching good quality movies or TV shows, especially old ones. Andy Griffeth anyone??
13) Hot showers. With our water heater this isn't always common, but definitely a pleasurable surprise when things work well.
And there are many more simple things in life that make me happy, this is just a taste. Feeling grateful seems to bring "spring" to my spirits!!

Here is Drew's List:
1) Giving Hannah kisses. He ain't kiddin!! He loves that girl. Drew is constantly giving her kisses, in fact very often he will just pucker up and that is my signal to bring Hannah to his lips!!
2) TV--this makes me look like a bad mom! My name is not on the list, but TV is! I have to say that it would be on my list too though. My two older kids don't nap, so movie time is time for me to get some things done or get a rest.

Madelyn's List:
1) Giving Hannah kisses.
2) TV
Sound familiar??

Hannah.....well she doen't vocalize her list but I know what makes her happy.
1) Her microfleece blanket--it isn't a baby blanket. It's actually mine, but it is softer than soft. When I lay her down in her bed she feels that blanket and puts her thumb in her mouth and lulls off to sleep.
2) Her thumb.
3) Her dad and brother. They can really get a good laugh out of her.
4) Her tongue. She has played with it ever since we met.

Sorry about the eternal post and no pictures. The computer was not cooperating--computers aren't always on the list of things that make me happy!!


  1. Good idea! Gratitude has a way of helping the attitude!

  2. What a cute post, Jeannette! Your kids are so cute, and I can tell you have a wonderful family. :)

  3. Jet!!! I was so excited to hear from you! I was actually up in Idaho just about week ago and I saw this sign for Denning Drilling and I thought of you and wondered how in the world you were doing- I'm so glad to have contact again! And your fam is ADORABLE! I can't believe you have three- seriously they are super cute and I love the dishwasher story. :) Yay for blogging and finding people you haven't talked to in years!