Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Hannah

I thought this picture was really cute! Hannah is just looking right at the camera! Our little girl just surprised us last night and rolled over 3 times! It could have been a fluke because she hasn't repeated that fluke all day today. I can't believe how Hannah is growing, I wish I could push pause and keep her like this for a little longer. Last month she found her thumb and life has been much more peaceful, even the nights! I know some must be thinking that the fact she has found her thumb is a terrible thing, but at this moment in time I am singing its praises! I just can't feel too terribly when I am sleeping more than I ever have with a baby in the house! Our little girl is such a joy to us and I really could snuggle her all day long. This being our third baby has just made me realize that these baby moments are so brief and precious.

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  1. Looks like you guys were having fun! I sat down to write you last night and Brad got home from mutual 1/2 an hour early! Hope its been a good week!