Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dishwasher Makeover!

Our dishwasher broke...tragic, but Jed is such a fixer that he was on it. He began taking things apart and even had Drew involved and helping. He managed to loosen a few things and then it was off to work. (of course your dishwasher has to break when it is FULL of dirty dishes right? That's just how life is isn't it!!) At mid-day the kids and I did our usual thing and called up Jed and told him how the day was going. Drew had a turn to talk to him and Jed asked if he fixed the dishwasher yet. Anyway.....after the phone call I was exhausted and decided it was time for some quiet time. Hannah was down so I told the kids to be good while I took a little shnoozer. They were good. I came out complimenting them on their ability to not fight for a half an hour while I could get my energy back up so I could be a good mom. Well, upon entering the kitchen was the answer to their angellic-ness. Our dishwasher had definitely been "fixed!" There were screws, tools, and random parts ALL over the floor! I didn't know what to say, after all he had followed his fathers orders! Later that day Jed came home and my wonderful husband who can fix pretty much ANYTHING deemed the dishwasher beyond repair. He would ask Drew where things went and Drew would just say "I don't know." Jed was EXTREMELY patient with Drew even though our dishwasher has now given up the ghost. So yesterday I let the kids watch a show and I did dishes the entire time! Feels good to have the dishes done!
Madelyn just came and told me she went to put on her shoes and a "little thing" was trying on her sock and then hid, so I better go.....I don't know quite what to expect......


  1. Ain't life grand? At least you can't say things are dull!

  2. Hi, Jeannette! It's SO great to "catch up" with you! I've often wondered if you had a blog, so finding your comment on my blog was like Christmas!

    Your family sure is beautiful!

  3. Jeannette! Hooray! You have a blog! Now I can talk to you more often than just when I go to your house! Your kids are so cute. I haven't even seen Hannah yet (in real life, the pictures are good). Awesome!

  4. That story was hilarious! Probably not too funny for you, but still very cute.