Thursday, June 30, 2011

What do we do in the Summertime?

We love to get a little wet.
We went to the Splash Park and it took Hannah awhile to warm up.

Such a fun place for the kids!

Hannah finally let go of my leg and started splashing around.

The big kids had a great time and kept so busy I could hardly get a picture of them. This one was totally staged--even though Madelyn isn't looking. I made them stay put for a minute so I could document that they were indeed with us.

We also head to the Greenbelt and feed ducks and take in beautiful views.

I love that Lily points to everything as she explores.

Tossing the bread.

We also have pizza party picnics at the park.

Lily is starting to love playing on toys at the park.

We do a little fishing.....except we don't catch any fish--atleast not this day.

But with chips and swedish fish around, the kids still have a good time.

We also go to the zoo.

Madelyn spoiled me a little and took over stroller duty. Lovely!

We watched a zookeeper fruitlessly try to coax stubborn penguins to go for a swim.

Lily and Hannah are at the perfect age for the zoo. It is so fun to experience the zoo with them!! I love their zest and excitement for every little thing. So much fun.

There is Lily with that cute little pointer finger again!

We also love packing picnics and going to all sorts of parks. I love picnics. I love enjoying a meal outside and keeping my kitchen free of crumbs and spills for one of the meals of the day! Win win.

And of course we love playing and making new friends

We are so glad that it is sunny and warm! We are really having a great summer.

We also took care of our neighbors goats for a weekend. Pretty fun. I wish I would have gotten pictures, especially when we took them out on leashes to go for a walk.

It really has been fun to go on several adventures with these kiddos. I really am loving the summer break! It definitely has its difficult times, but I love being able to go out and do so many fun things with my favorite little ones!


  1. Hey Jeannette,
    I am testing the comment thing again--

  2. Okay,
    so that worked and now I have to write a real comment!
    We miss you guys! I love your comments on our blog! We love seeing your little cuties! Jason was "ooing" and "ahhing" at your blog design!
    He is very impressed! You guys need to come see us in Abu Dhabi!!! We would show you a great time!

  3. Savoring the moments is a perfect title for your blog. It is amazing how easy it is to get caught up in the craziness of life that we forget to see the good things. Thanks for the fun pictures of the great things your family is doing, as well as a reminder to savor the moments.