Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Yes, I know it has been awhile since Memorial Day...but wanted to make sure and write some things down. We had fun visiting graves on Memorial Day.

We visited Ellie's grave.When we arrived, we saw that someone had already decorated her grave. Thank you, to whomever that was. That means a lot to us/me!

Jed and I have always enjoyed finding the graves of his ancestors. We would enjoy finding mine too, only most of mine are in Utah. We had tried a couple of times to find these headstones, and this time we were able to find them! Finding headstones of your ancestors gives you such a connection with them. It is so neat to me that we live in the same area as some of these people lived.

I don't know how we ever could have missed this one! It is one of the fanciest and oldest ones at the cemetery.
Jed's grandma, Ruth, joined us for the fun. It was fun to find headstones of some of her ancestors too! Then we all went out and got our favorite burger at Dixie's Diner....Mmmmm. The best hamburger in town.
Jed and I also discovered that we're related. In more ways than one. When we were first married, we took a Family History Class and discovered similar names in our pedigrees. The dates we had for the names were different, so we just thought it was a funny coincidence. Well now that the new Family Search is out, we were able to discover that our previous records for those people had some mistakes. They are in fact, the same people!! We share the same great great great grandparents!! Crazy! I'm sure they were probably just waiting for us to discover this on the other side.
So we're kissin' cousins!!

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