Monday, June 13, 2011

My baby is ONE..and still my baby

I can hardly believe it, but Lily has celebrated her first birthday!! It's funny to remember that when Drew turned one, I thought he was so big. I remember running in to one of Jed's acquaintences at Wal-Mart and he asked, "how old is your baby?" I was almost offended and in complete shock! Baby?! He was 13 months!! Now things are different. Lily is one. But she is still my baby. I remember my parents calling me their "baby" when I was a I understand.

My children are not afraid to dig into food, make messes, or eat insane amounts of sugar.

Lily had a blast and seemed to know it was her special day.

If you look hard, you can see that grandpa has a crown on his head. I'm not sure he would appreciate this...but Lily thought it was absolutely silly!

We love this little Lil like crazy. Madelyn put it well the other day, "I love Lily in our family." I do too! And I think everyone else would heartily agree.

Things she loves:

  • cleaning the toilet--you can be sure that if she is in the bathroom, she is going for the toilet brush in the cabinet and you will find her at the toilet bowl with the brush--scrubbing.

  • she loves her little pink blankie.

  • she loves hiding in daddy's hanging shirts in our closet.

  • she likes to dance.

  • she loves her siblings

  • she loves to play and wrestle with her daddy.

  • she loves to say prayers--almost without fail she will fold her arms and say her "prayer" before the person who was called on. Possibly my most favorite thing she does.

Things she does not love:

  • bananas--what child doesn't love bananas?! I've always relied on bananas for an easy, quick, baby-friendly snack...

  • she does not like having to go inside from playing outdoors.

  • mommy leaving the room.

Things she has learned to do:

  • walk.

  • say "hi," "mama," "dada," "uh-oh"

  • wave--mostly with her palm facing towards herself. I love it.

  • has the most expressive face.

  • jump on the trampoline.

  • "feed" herself. Messily of course!

  • drink from a sippy.

  • be such a sweetie!!!

    On our kids' first birthday, we usually set up a few items on the floor. Things that might "represent" what they will be when they grow up: baby, scriptures, money, calculator, violin, and I can't remember what else we put out. But Lily came out and instantly pointed to the violin. I of course thought it was cute!!!!!

Happy 1st Lil!


  1. I loved reading the lists of the things she likes/dislikes and has learned how to do. Time goes so fast and it is hard to remember all they did at certain stages. Happy Birthday Lily!!!