Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Day 4

We met up with Grandma Donna and Grandma Ruth in Jackson and went to the Bar J Wranglers show. I love that show; the music, the food, the humor, it's really great!

Drew really laughed at some of their jokes. It's fun to have a child old enough that they can actually understand the jokes. The kids did pretty well. It was rather tight quarters and I did have to apologize to the man in front who shot a few glances my way during the show. He got kicked in the lower back a few times by the wiggliest of our bunch. And the fiddler was A-mazing!!

I love just driving, and I love the Tetons! We don't get to view this side of them as much. The drive really was beautiful. And the kids really were wonderful during the drive too. Lily was incredible and never even fussed--the whole trip!

There are buffalo down in the mid-left side of this photo--not bushes. This was when we were in Thermopolis. Remember that my pictures are in backwards order in each post... It is amazing how much the landscape changes not that far from home. The mountains were all red rock which you can't really see in this picture.

We let loose and ran around at a park before hitting the road again.

My kiddos.

Getting a little competitive exercise in. I love Hannah in the back, running her little heart out.

And Daddy took the girls on the slide.

Hannah in her special bed at the hotel. She was wired and crazy because of her schedule being so off. Not very much sleep, no naps.... But all is well now!

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