Monday, October 18, 2010


I love Hannah. She is hilarious, dramatic, and has such a zest for life. All of this compacted into her tiny little frame. Jed and I always laugh to ourselves as we listen to that little girl, and wonder "Where does she come up with this?" For example: the other night we were driving in the car when the word "treat" was mentioned by her siblings. Well of course she picked up on that and came up with this: "I need treat. . . I so hungry. . . . I need treat--so bad!!" and she says it in the most desperate voice she can muster. She is such a clever and funny girl. Not only that, but she has a knack for mischief. . .

Dispensing of an entire bottle of soap in the bathtub.

She pushed a chair over to climb up to her high chair, to climb up on the counter, to get to my purse, then search through the contents of my purse. As you can see she got what she wanted. If you notice the quality of the pictures on some of these isn't that great, that's because of Hannah. She got a hold of my camera and smudged the lens. :)

She does have a sweet side! Too cute.

I cannot find a safe place for my make up anywhere. I'm certain she can sniff out foundation!

No place is sacred.

I guess she can sniff out mascara too! :)
This is in nowise a full or comprehensive list of the extent of her mischievous adventures.....just a sampling over the last few weeks!

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  1. I'm laughing my guts out- sorry it's at your expense. Good luck with the makeup and I'm glad she dispensed the soap into the tub- would have been worse on the carpet! Love you guys!