Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vacation 2010: Days 1&2

So the last week before school started, our family decided to up and go on a road trip. We did a little planning and packed up and headed up to Swan Valley. Blogger is being really frustrating and won't let me put the pictures in order, sooo.....this will be a backwards journey through days 1 and 2!! On the second day Grandma Donna and Grandpa Jody came up to share a beautiful day on the lake. We fished on Palisades from the boat and didn't catch a single fish. But, that was ok, because then the highlight was swimming in the lake! Everyone except Lily and I...

The girls and Grandma chillin on the front of the boat with snacks.

Even though they didn't have much luck on the lake, they had great luck at the creek right by the cabin.
Drew displaying his catch.

Jed's family's cabin is right around the corner from the Palisades hike. So everyone was a good sport to indulge me in a hike. Although, you really can't get far on the rocky trail with a small wheeled stroller. Hannah was not enjoying the ride too much, it was a little too extreme for her.

Jed was amazing and stuck it out with the stroller FAR longer than I would have. But, eventually they decided to turn around and go back to the car. Drew and I pushed forward and kept on hiking. We stopped at the creek and tried to catch minnows. They are too fast for us. We got spooked when we heard something rustling in the bushes beside the trail....and turned around too!

The kids all pumped to go on VACATION!!

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