Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lemonade Stand...

 While my sister was visiting us, one of the activities her daughter really wanted to do was have a lemonade stand.  It pretty much went haywire from there and all the kids joined in creating their "business."  They made posters, created menus, made 2 kinds of cookies, made regular and mint lemonade, and were exuberantly advertising their business:  "Lemonade and cookies!!" shouted at the top of their lungs!
My parents neighbor so kindly invited us to use their shade across the street which probably prevented heat stroke on our part!!  So nice!
Business did pretty well in the beginning, with some fun stoppers by.
 Here's the kids doing the wave the sign bit....
Then right when we were closing down shop, a doctor swung up in his car and requested we bring lemonade up to his office for about 20 people.  We actually were out at that point, but my sister and her girls went to work using the lemons we used as decorations to transform them into some amazing lemonade.
We delivered the lemonade with the kids, I think they all felt pretty awesome that their lemonade was in such high demand.  :)  It turned out to be a pretty fun day selling lemonade!!

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