Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Claire!!

 The birthday of our baby came and went so quickly this year!  I cannot believe this little girl is one, redundant...yes, I just cannot believe how fast time flies. 
 She woke up with birthday gifts on the couch as we do for all of the kids.

 The toys were fun, but I think what she really cared for the most was the balloon!!

 Madelyn gave her a headband of hers, very sweet.  :)
 Grandparents helped us celebrate her birthday.
 It's traditional for us on the first birthday to lay out several items, like a baby, money, scriptures, a rig, carrots, etc., really anything we have handy that could represent something the baby might be interested in when they grow up.  We set it all up while the baby is out of the room, then bring them in and see what they crawl/walk to.  Claire crawled right for the baby doll.  So sweet!

I made coconut cupcakes for Claire because we sometimes call her Coco, and then when she is being silly we call her coconut...and it has kind of stuck with me.
Anyway, they were pretty tasty!
 With her daddy, singing "happy birthday."
 That;s a lovely picture.  We let her have her own cupcake.  Sometimes you hear of the baby's that don't touch their cake that is designed for them to tear into.....  I've never had that problem with any of my 5 children.

 And the cupcakes were delicious, I had a couple too many... :)
Oh my sweet little Claire!!  Things I love about you are:

1-You have a cute smile, you used to smile with a closed mouth and it was my favorite because it squished those chubby cheeks out to each side....  So cute.  But now you have a big toothy grin and a cute little dimple to the right, just like your mom.  ;)
2-You are a major snuggler.  I LOVE it.  
3-If I am not with you, you go through the house until you find me.  It is cute, sometimes hard, but mostly cute!
4-You are an adventurous little girl.  I love that about you, but it is also scary!!  Like climbing to the top of your sisters bunkbed at 11 months?!  And now you are on the table any chance you get.  

See?  You are thrilled to the core about your accomplishment, pretty darn cute.  Especially when you are safe in my arms again.  ;)
5-I love your laugh.  It is charming.
6-You are a smarty pants.  You can already obey simple commands such as, "bring me the baby."  You just surprise me all the time with the things you can do.
7-You had the speediest crawl I've ever seen!!  I'm sure going to miss that super speedy crawl of yours!
8-You can't sit through sacrament meeting, or any meeting for that matter, anymore now that you can walk.  In fact I was asked to say the opening prayer in church and you had crawled up onto the podium without my knowing.  Daddy was conducting the meeting and I noticed a little distraction up on the podium once I had walked off and Dad and Brother Madsen were trying to get ahold of you.  I was a little embarrassed, and then daddy said something about it into the microphone as I carried you to our seats.... :)

Just this summer you have:
1-started drinking milk from a sippy.
2-been weened off a pacifier.
3-started sleeping through the night (hallelujah!)
4-Started walking/practically running!
Love you little Coconut!!

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