Thursday, March 7, 2013

Great date...

 So the day before Valentine's day, I had gotten everyone sent off to school and walked in my room and to my surprise I found it messier than I had anticipated.... :)
There was string everywhere with instructions in my husbands handwriting to wind it all up.  So I did, and I found another note asking me if I was at the end of my "rope" and if I wanted to go dancing.  
It was very cute.  I answered him with a string that led to our back door and I painted a great big YES in the snow.  
So the day after Valentine's we went on our date with our good friends Brett and Leslie:
 Jed and Brett relived their first date from their high school days but this time with the most exceptional and totally awesome dates.  ;)
 We went to McDonald's and got happy meals and ate them in the car.
(shhh...don't tell my children)
 Then we went and played some laser tag (a mild adaption from their first high school date.  On their first date they took their happy meal toys and shot at them with BB guns, which was an option for us as well, but after negotiating and discussing the cold and where we would go we opted for the laser tag option).
Then we hit our former stake's dance and had a great time dancing the night away.  Well kind of....we don't really remember much from our college swing days....but we had fun trying!
Then afterwards we went to our friends house, where all of the children were and we all had a ginormous sleepover!!  We stayed up and played games until early morn, while most of the children went to bed.  I say most, because Claire was there with us until the end, 2 AM!!  Oh my.....
We had such a fun time, and you know you have good friends when they house your family of 7 for a night! (Thanks!!)
Leslie outdid herself and completely spoiled us with a large delicious breakfast!
Thanks for the fun and memorable time, it was grand!!

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  1. It was awesome and I am so glad that you were able to come with us!! I think we need to do this more often.