Thursday, March 7, 2013

elder and sisters

A couple of sundays ago we hosted 40+ people in our home for a bishop's fireside.  Since it was in our home, my children wanted to attend, so they snuck in.  From the fireside they learned quite a bit about the ins and outs of missionary work.  But after it was all said and done, they still had several questions.  So we decided we would have a missionary FHE.  Ooooh, I had fun quickly coming up with ideas for it......from the food to the games.
I made empanadas, which are Jed's favorite food from his mission and I attempted to make some peachy drink with wheat berries, another favorite from his mission....  Well the drink didn't go well (I didn't have any whole dried peaches on hand and tried to make do with canned peaches...hey, the kids didn't know any different at least), but the empanadas turned out extremely good.  Jed was in heaven.  I have now officially found the winning empanada recipe.
On to the festivities:
 The kids were in companionships:
 Not a very traditional male/female companionship....
 Hannah was english speaking and Madelyn was spanish all works out somehow :)
Their first game was to deliver Books of Mormon to a "house" across the house whilst avoiding rabid dogs (Jed, Claire, and myself).  You had to stick with your companion at all costs and preferably not have any wet pants after going through doggie central.  ;)  It ended up being pretty hilarious.  Drew was pretty much dragging Lily along and dodging the rabid dogs....oh my goodness... 
 There is daddy dog and a cutie pants baby.
 The next game we had each missionary eat a spoonful of mustard.  After it was all swallowed each missionary had to politely say "thank you."  The first companionship to complete the task won the event.
 Madelyn's loving it can't you tell?  Hannah's kind of poking at it....
 Drew did it quickly.
 Lily on the other hand flat out said she wasn't going to do it...but she eventually came around.  

For the next game, we had a game of cooperation and communication.
We tied the companions hands together and gave each missionary 10 skittles that they were to feed the opposite missionary only using the tied up hands.
 Madelyn and Hannah were able to cooperate and didn't cheat too much....I caught Hannah in this picture using the wrong hand.... :)
 These two on the other hand were too hilarious to watch.  Lily didn't care for the rules whatsoever, and pretty much ate all 20 skittles single handedly with a few exceptions that hit Drew's lip then tumbled to the floor.  We all had good laughs about that one.

See Lily shoving her own mouth full?  Yep.  But Drew was good and patient with his companion and we got to laughingly explain that your companions might not always do what you would want them to.... ;)
Oh, it was a good night.  Lots of good fun with our family.


  1. What a totally awesome idea!!! I absolutely love this fun way to teach kids about missionary work. Way to go!!!

  2. I love this!!! So want to do this fun night with my fam.