Thursday, March 14, 2013


 Things have changed a lot for me lately.  One month ago, I was released from my much loved calling in Young Women.  It was a hard release for me.  I love those girls I got to know so much!!  Still do.  But I knew it was time and knew I was needed somewhere else.  I got to meet with my husband in our home for him to extend a release and new call for me.  That was different.  And I knew exactly where I was needed before I was given the call.
I am now serving in the Bear den, the den which Drew will be coming into shortly.  He was so excited to have me be his den leader, that sure helped with my tough emotions of leaving the YW.  I know it's not going to last forever that he actually thinks it is cool to have his mom be his leader.  So I'm going to savor every last bit of being his den leader.
Jumping in to the steep learning curve of scouting has also helped take my mind off of YW too. 
 I know it sounds crazy that it was so hard to leave, but I liken it to leaving your mission when it is time to go home (not that I've been on's just how I imagine it would be).  You just grow to love those you served and care so much for their futures.  Those girls would come over to my house to visit and they were always so excited to see me.....oh, fun times.

And, my goodness, it has been tough to get into the swing of things with scouting.  My first den meeting went so smoothly.  I thought this was going to be a piece of cake.  Then the next was not so pretty....I felt like I would never get the hang of it.  But, Heavenly Father blesses you and stretches you all at the same time.  Scouts is going to be a lot of fun.  And I work with the most amazing lady she is carrying us both through!
 A couple weeks ago, we had our Blue and Gold banquet.  We looked like such a cute little scouting family with the three of us dressed up in scouting attire.  :)  The above picture isn't that great, but I love that it shows how seriously Drew took the uniform inspection.  ;)
 His dad was the inspector.
 Drew also earned his wolf, the world conservation patch, four arrows...I know there are five pictured but they gave him an extra one, plus the scouting month patch and the pinewood derby and blue and gold little patches.  He is going to be all decked out once his running to and fro mom can sit down and sew those things on.
 He sure does have that scouting spirit.  He loves it.
 The banquet was a western theme, and the scoutmaster taught us some line dancing.  Drew was so funny.  He was pretty hesitant to dance with me.  It sure took him out of his comfort zone and he kept asking "What are we doing?  What is this?"  when I was asking to come have some fun with me.
I think he loosened up and had a good time by the end.
Good work Drew.  You are an awesome worker and I love ya!
Post edit:  Drew did indeed earn 5 arrow points, my mistake.  They just were not marked in his book, but after updating his book he sure did earn those.  So glad that scout leaders are on top of things when mothers are not!!

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  1. So exciting! Drew is such an awesome little man!