Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, we had a pretty darn good windstorm--the winds got up to about 70 mph. A couple of our shingles had gotten loose before the storm, and then things just snowballed from there. I gave the first phone call to Jed to let him know about 8 shingles had come loose. I felt horrible having to call him with the news, but wanted him to know what was going on. A couple hours later....I couldn't even count how many had flown off. I spent the better part of my day collecting as many shingles as I could and trying to save them from being totally destroyed. My girls were so worried for my life as I went out there into the intense wind. It was so strong that when I picked up one of the shingles the wind just tore it from my grip and slammed it against my leg leaving me with the most gruesome bruise I've ever had.

Here's a look at the damage:

It was horrible having to sit inside the house and cringe as more and more of the shingles tore off the roof and were sent flying every which way......

The best part of the storm was the loss of power for several hours. We just had tuna sandwiches for dinner since we couldn't cook. The kids thought it was funny that I was telling them not to flush the toilet (unless, you know, it was too gross) to preserve water since we didn't know how long the power would be out. And of course the kids magically remembered to flush every time--even though on any other given day they must be constantly reminded. :) Funny. And just as things were getting fun--candles ready to be lit, games ready to be played,......the power came back on and life resumed.

So we've got a pretty good repair project ahead of us......

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  1. Sheesh! We had storms like that in NS. One blew our trampoline over into our neighbors yard and Jason and I had to go out and quickly cut up the fabric to keep it from blowing anywhere else and doing more damage! No such issues here though. Not really any roof tiles. Though we do have sand blinding us in the wind. Glad you didn't blow away with those tiles!!