Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sombreros and Pinatas

One Friday night at home we decided to do something a little out of the ordinary as a family activity. We decided to make homemade pinatas--and when you make homemade pinatas, you "have" to wear sombreros. We don't own any, so we made some out of Jed's endless supply of baseball caps.
Our kids humor us!
It was so funny as we began dipping newspaper in the flour and water paste to hear that Hannah would have nothing to do with making them anymore. It was way too "gross!"

So she just watched as the rest of us glued and glued and glued. It was certainly a very messy activity.

We hung them to dry. This was about more than the children could bear as it took several days for them to completely dry. We finally decided to finalize the date we would use them for FHE to set their excited minds at ease.

By Sunday, we were able to pop the balloon.

And decorate and fill them.

Drew, Madelyn, and I's was an Easter Egg.

Lily, Dad, and Hannah's was an "Indian."

Monday night we let the games begin with the smallest batting first--with much coaching to not let go of the bat!!

A mad house of collecting little trinkets and treats.

Drew broke through the egg one. They didn't get to keep any of their treats--we all pooled them back together and tried to divvy them out slowly....... We had just gotten over the treats from Valentine's Day and I had had enough of candy wrappers being everywhere constantly. :)

So theses pinatas were a big success and a test of their patience!!


  1. I want to hire you to come be the mom at my house. You are always doing such fun things with your kids! I need to be more like you! :-)

  2. What a fun idea, this is definitely something we are going to have to try. I love the make shift sombreros.

  3. Jeannette - what a beautiful little family you have created. Neat to see you are still pursuing some of that violin bravado and teaching what is most important to you little 'uns. Bravo.

  4. I love the sombreros! Such fun! Wish we could just join in!