Monday, March 5, 2012

Church Excitement.

Doing church solo has had its challenges, most of them we've gotten used to and tried to make necessary adjustments in order to make things work as smooth as possible. I've been fortunate to atleast have one of the Young Women girls I teach come and sit by me most Sundays. I've never been in as much need of help as I was yesterday and I was grateful I had helpful hands at church. Things were going normally to begin with. Now normal doesn't necessarily mean picture perfect and all children folding their arms and no no. Lily was running up and down the pews and climbing all over and spitting at everyone...that's normal. Hannah was being pretty reverent and later I discovered why. About halfway through our testimony meeting, I hear Hannah dry heaving. As soon as I turn to look at her she just started heaving! It was all I could do to just cup my hands and catch what I could. With cupped hands filled to capacity, she goes for round two. Here I am trying to catch what I can with no way to handle or control rambunctious Lily or anyway to look through my bag for anything to rescue me. I was so embarrassed/not thinking clearly/in shock and tears unexpectedly start welling my eyes. Not necessarily because I was sad....that is just what happens. Things start getting thrown over the pews: a hanky from someone a couple rows empty ziploc baggie from someone up front. The young lady behind me darted to get some paper towels. The girl helping me out offered to stay with the kids if I needed to go home. Using my scant supplies I did my best to clean up the mess--at this point just chuckling to myself as I look up at Jed and see him looking down at me wondering what in the world I am up to. I unsuccessfully tried to subtly sign to him that we just had a throwing up episode.... The girl behind me took Hannah to the bathroom and cleaned up her dress. What a champ! I was so grateful for everyone's help and for everyone's understanding. I'm sure a lot of mothers have been there. :) I told Hannah after the meeting was over that I should probably take her home--she was livid. So I kept her with me sitting far away from everyone in primary. But while in primary, her name got drawn to help out with something at the board. She jumped on board and went to the front and Madelyn yells out "She might throw up on you!!!" ohhhhh....too funny. She has felt pretty much well after that and hasn't thrown up since, or anyone else in the family for that matter. Just a fluke incident and just had to happen in the middle of sacrament meeting of all places.... :) Oh what a treasure of fun stories we will have for future retelling!!

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