Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Our Lily is changing. She is not the same girl she was 2 1/2 weeks ago. She likes a bit more control. (See the above picture of her driving the go-cart)

She likes to do big kid stuff.

She makes a little mischief--the potty is a favorite site. As is the bathtub, when her siblings are bathing--she likes to get in on the action. (I say a little because she is not as curious and constantly busy as Hannah...but only time will tell.)

She loves to play with her brother.

She is joining the rest of us in chore time.

She loves to talk on the phone.

She can go up and down the stairs.

She gets a wild look in her eye when she is up to something.

And she can have piggy tails!!!

She loves the go-cart and when her daddy starts it up, her eyes widen and she just jumps up and down with excitement.

She actually knows what "prayers" are and will fold her arms and mumble something!

She is no longer easy-going and quiet. She has an opinion that she has been quietly forming for the past eleven months, and now she has decided it is time to let it shine!! She can scream with the best of them (and the best of them is Hannah). And though she may not be as easy going, she is definitely a little sweetie and every single person in our family adores her. When she wakes up, she has to make the rounds and give hugs to everyone because they all have outstretched arms for her. We love you Lil!! And I'm pretty much in denial that she will indeed be turning one in a couple of weeks!

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