Friday, May 6, 2011


It seems like we have been busy with one thing or another around her for a few months now, and I've recorded our major happenings...but feel like I have so much I haven't recorded. They are things that I just personally want to remember.

  • Jed was gone for 3 1/2 weeks drilling wells out of town. The best thing about that is when he comes back home! :) I already appreciate him so much, but I am reminded of what a team we really are when he isn't around. I'm grateful for him and all he does for this little family.

  • Our family went down with the YW in our ward to the YW broadcast. It was awesome. I loved the messages, and the spirit which was there. And I love to be in the presence of the Lord's mouthpiece, incredible! One of the girl's said "Are we really here?" when we came into the conference center. I just love being there with them in a testimony strengthening atmosphere and getting them so excited about the gospel. Our kids were SO amazing on the drive. No movies, but Drew and Madelyn had a couple of old cell phones that still take pictures. I was going to do a post with their pictures from the trip...but I just don't think that is going to happen! They got to go through the children's section of the church history museum with daddy (and the bishop) while I was at the broadcast. Everything went so smoothly the entire trip, there was just perfect timing the entire time. I think we were blessed.

  • Hannah's sleeping habits have been extremely out of whack. She does not want to go to bed and sometimes stays up later than Jed and I. She will sleep pretty much anywhere in the house except her bed. Seriously. I thought I would take pictures of the places she ends up because they can be funny. I took one of her halfway in the bathroom...but then I gave up on that whole idea because I just don't feel like taking pictures when I have to hunt her down in the middle of the night. She does not take naps. But sometimes she will absolutely collapse right before dinner at any given place in the house. But if she does that, then she will have an extra rough bedtime. She gets so exhausted in the day that she will just get her blankie in tow and loaf around all day long. I don't really know what to do with her. She has got to be so tired. It makes me more tired when I feel like my children are still up until I go to bed. I am just really fond of my two hour mommy recharge time when they go to bed. I'm sure it is just a stage and I just need to hang in there. I'm hoping....

  • I had to speak in church with the YW presidency a couple weeks ago. I always tease Jed because he speaks in church SO much more than me. In fact when we speak together people will come up to me and say "Your husband did such a good job. He is such a good speaker." And I wholeheartedly agree. He is. I just feel silly when that happens!! So this is the first time I have ever spoken without him since we've been married. I am seeing some growth in myself. I have always feared public anything, even prayers. But this time I really didn't stress about the talk. I prepared and then as I was on the stand, my nerves kicked in. But the fact that they didn't kick in until I got up to the stand is seriously incredible for me.

  • I've had some neat experiences with the YW that I teach, one in particular. I just had one of those "in the right place at the right time" sort of experiences. It was very neat.

  • Madelyn is really getting to be a good helper nowadays. She is helping me so much more around the house and with Lily. It is wonderful. She is learning to be a loving leader. And I'm going to lose her to school in the fall! She is so ready for it and will love it so much.

  • Lily is at such an adorable stage. I love it. I am totally rubbing off on my kids though because I hear them say things like "You are soooo cute. You just can't grow up, you have to be our baby forever!" That sounds really familiar! She loves to tease Hannah. She loves to tackle her and steal her blankie!! It is so funny. We all just love to pepper that little girl with so many kisses. We went to my brother Gerald's daughter's 1st b-day party last weekend. When it was time for my niece to dig into her cake she just wouldn't. My sister-in-law Michelle and her sister were trying to teach her how to get her fingers dirty, and she still just wouldn't get into it. Well my other brother was holding Lily and he was handed a piece of cake, and not but a second later, Lily was all over it. She was eating it just handful after handful and everyone was just laughing. Then Gerald said, "Way to steal the show!" Oops, sorry! I guess it is just in my children's blood--and I'm the one who put it there!

  • Drew had his school singing program that we went and watched today. It was fun, and even though I couldn't tell he was singing he assured me that he was. I am getting quite ready for Drew to be done with school! I just feel like there just isn't enough time with him. When he gets home from school it is homework, cleanup, dinner, cleanup, a little play time, get ready for bed.... I'm ready to play hard this summer and have some fun with my kids!!

  • And as always, we've been working on projects on our house when we can spare a minute. Which just doesn't feel that often anymore.

  • I'm sure I'm missing some more things that I wanted to write down, but atleast I made it this far!

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  1. Very newsy post- I feel more caught up now :) So sorry about the not sleeping thing!!