Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Time in a Nutshell

I'm behind in I'm going to just hit you with a brick wall of pictures! All out of order of course because my goal is to just get them up and be done!
Like our tree? Ha Ha...we received this tree for free from a stranger in Home Depot. We didn't really know how bad of shape it was in, until we tried setting it up. The branch holders were extremely cheap and more and more of them kept breaking!! But we had a Merry Christmas with our dilapidated tree!!! (We did get it to look a little better, and that is our bare walled newly finished basement)

Unfortunately our family all got attacked by a ferocious flu bug at Christmastime. Oddly enough, Lily was the first to catch it, then it went from there. It was horrible and it really makes you feel bad because you really don't know what your little ones are feeling until it hits you! I did enjoy getting to cuddle with Lily a little more though.

Hannah loves to test out Lily's baby gear.

Oh how I love my Lily girl!

Ok, here we are jumping right to the annual traditional New Year's party! Let's just skip the whole Christmas thing for a minute. This was Cindy's first year vying for the Domino Championship, and beginner's luck...ok ok, just pure innate skill, won it for her!! Way to go Cindy!

A family that lives near us kindly gave us this fish tank, so one of our kids' Christmas presents were fishies!! Hannah just pulled up a chair to watch.

Now we're getting to the thick of Christmas! You can see bags of wrapping paper trash to the side... Hannah loves coloring, and coloring on walls, so Santa thought this might help that a bit.

Gift unwrapping....

more unwrapping....

A little bit of shnoozing, after all we did get up at 4:45 AM!!


A bit more resting.....

Lily enjoying the new stash of toys.....

Here is what the kids and I got that dilapidated tree to look like in the end. It might do for another Christmas.

Santa's loot....

Here is our Christmas Eve party. Lots of delicious appetizers. Mmmmm....

While I was working in the kitchen on Christmas Eve, Jed pulled the kids and the neighbors kids behind the four wheeler.
Ok, so I am grateful for automatic saving!! Here I am at the very end of this and the whole thing disappears before my eyes!! So glad my computer is working with me!
We had a wonderful Christmas season. It went by so very fast, but each year Christmas means more and more to me. I love that. We had such a wonderful time with all of our family, friends, and neighbors. What a wonderful time of year!

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