Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Times

I love this picture Lily.

Some cute kids.

One morning Drew set his alarm clock way to early. So he was all ready for school and crashed on the living room floor!

Can you tell Drew takes after his dad? Drew loves to fix, work, and build things. I was quite impressed. Especially how he got some of the Jenga blocks to tilt and stay in place.

Just another picture of a Hannah snitch. During our family movie party, Hannah got into some of the leftover pizza.

Hannah is loving the jumper. She gets a lot of help with it from her older sister.....
(oops I meant Lily is loving the jumper....)

I love this picture of Lily!!

Our family went ice fishing in Roberts and Drew caught this perch. It froze after he caught it, so here we were trying to revive it so we could have another fish for our was kind of gross. It really did look like it was going to come back, the gills moved and it would move its fins but we finally came to grips with the fact that it had passed on.

This fishing trip was in Swan Valley on the Snake River. Drew pulled in two fish: a rainbow, and a cutthroat. He had to throw back the cutthroat, but we kept the rainbow. It was a really beautifully colored fish. It was almost black on top with a bright purple stripe on its middle. We had never seen one like that before. And I just accidentally erased the picture of Drew actually holding up the fish...sorry.

Hannah and Lily and I stayed in the car during the fishing, and this is what kept Hannah content.

After fishing, we went up to Jed's uncles cabin and watched the deer. They were everywhere! (He actually sets out hay bales and those deer go crazy for it!)

These pictures are through our very dirty windshield.

It was so fun to have so many deer so close up. While we were in Swan Valley we also saw probably 25+ swans flying around. I had never really made the correlation "Swan" Valley, perhaps because in the many many times we have gone up there I have never seen one swan!! Maybe I've been blind to them...

This is Drew's good sized rainbow, you can't really tell by the picture how beautiful the coloring was.

We have finished our basement in the last month or so, so there has been a lot of adjustments to make. One of them has been to move Lily out of her bassinett in our room and into the kids room with Hannah. It is hard for me to see change like this. This means my baby is growing up!! So Hannah is introducing the crib to Lily. Hannah is getting used to her big girl bed. Drew and Madelyn both have their own rooms in the basement and they have done pretty well down there. I've been impressed.

Lily is growing like crazy. Bittersweet. Life is flying way too fast for me. Our family has been quite busy the last few months, and it just makes me feel like I need to push pause on everyone. I love them just the way they are and want them to stay little. But of course I have always felt this way. I remember wanting Drew to stay little and Madelyn to stay a baby a little longer, but then I wouldn't have my two other snugglebugs to be with me!! So it is all good and great....I just wish I could slow it down a smidge. :) I love these guys so much. I love being a mom, it is not always easy that is for sure, but I am so happy and blessed to be with these little ones.

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