Monday, June 1, 2009

A BIG Congrats goes to:

My brother-in-law Troy and my niece Becca on their graduations!!! You both are stellar individuals and we're so lucky to call you family!!

Troy--we're so impressed with the person you have become! I still remember when Jed and I were dating and I was able to go to your ordination to become a deacon and receive the priesthood. I was amazed at how seriously you took that step in your life, even at 12 years old. And it hasn't stopped there. You are an amazing example of dedication to the most important things in life. I've seen you arrive to church WAY early to take care of your priesthood responsibilities. I've admired your hard work in many areas including make your own lathe--which is amazing. Just want you to know we love you!

Becca--I can't believe that cute little baby girl I used to babysit is graduating!! I can't believe that I have children that are the same age that I remember you being just yesterday......You have become such a talented, intelligent, and fun girl! You've obviously worked very hard and been able to maintain amazing grades while being involved in so many different things. Congratulations on your scholarships! You are an exemplary person and we wish you the very best as you move up and on with your life!


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