Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random Stuff

 Little Miss Claire is such a climber and can even get up to the next level and that super teeny skinny shelf.  Eek!
 Beautiful red strawberries.
 Turning them into jam with my girls.
 Even Claire got in there and helped clean the blender.  Such a helper!
 I just think this picture is super cute. 
 My kids love when we order stuff on the internet because they get awesome boxes to play in.
 This picture is pretty cute too.
 I don't know who even took this picture, but it is another pretty common occurrence at our house!
 This summer I got quite a bit canned!  By myself even.  That is major progress for me.  I did beans, carrots, salsa, and pickles.  And lots of all of those.  I had several quart jars sitting empty in my storage room for years, and now they are full!! 
 Some art of Drew's that we threw away only on the condition that I took a picture to document it.  Check.
 These girls like to hang out under the table sometimes.
 Madelyn doing some art.
 Cutie Claire.
 A Christmas picture that Drew drew....hahaha.  I like that he drew me next to him in the window.  :)
 Lily art that is just so sweet.  I love their art.
 This was Madelyn's impromptu artwork she whipped up in no time to take to the Activity Day girl talent show.
 While Hannah, Lily, Claire, and I decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, these guys and their dad started working on a clubhouse that they designed themselves.  Here they are building the foundation.  They worked hard the following day also, and were able to get the floor laid and frame two walls.  Then it snowed.  So they have had to postpone any further work....could be months before they can pull out their hammers again!
 A sweet note I discovered on our front sidewalk from Madelyn.  Loved it.
And a morning snuggle that Drew stole from me.  You can see Madelyn's beckoning arms wanting Drew to give Claire to her so she could sneak in some of that snuggle.  Mmmmm....love those morning snuggles.

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  1. Yay! So fun! Miss all these cutie pies! They have all grown so much!