Friday, December 13, 2013

A Very Special Birthday!

 Madelyn's Big Day came!  She turned eight years old, which is very exciting because she has been looking forward to her baptism for a long time....  :)
 We woke up early and hurriedly wrapped all those gifts!!  I need to remember to have her stuff all ready by morning because she is such an early bird.  I sent her to go get ready for school while I finished the last minute details!!
 She got an awesome art set, something she was hoping for.
 An ankle jump roper thing which has brought us a lot of family laughs.  I'll just say they think I'm a pro and we might just have a family talent night and show the world our expertise.  ;)
 Claire was trying on Madelyn's new clothes. 
 Madelyn got a set of princess polly pockets, just like Hannah's. 
 Here's my 8-year-old girl ready for school.
 I don't know what I was thinking, but Madelyn and I laid out the plans for a friend birthday party on her birthday as well.  She wanted to paint nails, make mini pizzas, decorate cupcakes, play the skittle game, and a draw the birthday girl blindfolded game.  We narrowed down a lot of ideas, but we still were left with a pretty good amount of activities.  And we were starting at 4:00.  I really don't think my head was thinking about logistics:  painting 8 girls fingernails, cooking their pizzas, having cupcakes all cooked, and the activities made up?!  It was stressful, but I think she had a great time.  Next time (note to myself) less cooking, less me hands on type activities, and plan it when Jed can be home to watch the other children.  :)
 I'm so glad I got to meet her new friends from school this year.
 One of her friends accidentally packed this food storage lid in with her gift, we had a good laugh.  She was a really cute and fun friend.

 We just partied it up with this girl because then on the next Sunday we had a family party.  She had asked for this cake months in advance.  Unfortunately one of the cakes broke coming out of the pan and made for a very difficult time keeping the layers steady.  It didn't look so great, but seriously was AMAZING to eat.  Like best birthday cake ever.  Yum-o.
 I'm so glad she was so patient and forgiving of the less than visually ideal cake.  She was a sweetheart.  :)

 Then on to her baptism day!! There's her special "8' cupcakes!
 She and her good buddy from school.  They were so excited to find out they were getting baptized on the same day!!
 Me and my big girl.
They warned us when we got there that the font was not heated, and it was like -1 outside!!  
It was seriously cold water.  
She was so brave and we did our best to warm her up quickly when she was finished.  
 Love those 5 special young ones.
 Love that 8-year-old girl!!
She and her daddy.
What a wonderful and beautiful day it was.  
I'm so grateful she made the choice to be baptized and follow the Savior Jesus Christ.
Such a wonderful blessing to be there and witness the special ordinance and feel the powerful spirit there.
I was privileged enough to be able to speak at Madelyn's baptism too.  It seems to make it more personal.
Love you Madelyn!!


  1. Happy birthday to Madelyn. We love you and we wish we could have come to your baptism!! Congratulations! Such a big and important day!

  2. We were so sorry to be snowed out of coming!! We love you!!