Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Normal Day...

Last weekend my kids had a Friday off of school, wahoo!!  They got their chores/responsibilities done early and wanted to call friends.  No success there with finding a friend at home, so they hung out with me all day!  It was a great weekend.  Sometimes I get nostalgic and feel that life is passing by much too quickly, but then there are moments when I absolutely love the way things are.  Last weekends was one of those totally content and happy moments.  Not to say that things were absolutely perfect, of course not, but it was one of those moments where there seems to be a lot of happiness and laughter hanging in the air.  It is fun to have growing children.  We laugh a lot.  They can make me have genuine hearty laughs with some of the things we joke and laugh about.  They understand parts of life enough to really laugh with me about some things, and that is so fun!
We had a Little Rascal movie party, made caramel popcorn, played at the park for possibly the last time until spring, worked together, etc.  Good times.
Drew and Madelyn have read some of the Harry Potter books.  Drew has read 1-4, and Madelyn read 1&2.  We had movie parties with the big kids after the younger girls were in bed a little while back to watch the first 2 movies.  It was a lot of fun--but they thought the books were a lot less scary.  
 There is a spoof music video about Harry Potter that Studio C has done, and we have always thought it was funny....but never as funny as it was when we showed it to Drew and Madelyn. It is so funny to see them "get" things that we think are hilarious, and we were laughing to tears together! 
Just some moments of awesome for us to remember and enjoy.  :)

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  1. So fun! James just recently finished book 1 so he got to watch the first movie. Now we are reading the next book before the next movie. It would be fun for them to email each other. They could just use our emails.