Saturday, November 23, 2013

Halloween-y stuff....

 Everything slightly Halloween related is getting posted here, saves time....  :)  And forgive the sideways pictures, I'm just not going to do anything about that.  Haha...  Our garden was a success this year!!  We had so much fun gardening.  It took a lot of work to get a garden plot.  It seemed like endless rock picking.  Good thing our kids get into so much trouble, they have to go pick up rocks when they are, or else we would never have a place for our garden!!  Ok, they don't get into tons and tons of trouble, but it is true that they pick up rocks when they do.  ;) The ground where we live is almost complete rocks.....
 So we were so thrilled to pick a healthy crop of pumpkins from our own garden!!  So fun!!!
 Everyone picked out their own pumpkin and got to cut them off the vine, some assistance was needed for some.
 That one that Drew is cutting off was our biggest.
 Cute little Claire joining in the fun, she loves the outdoors so much!
 Especially the trampoline, she often looks like this when we go outside.
 Sissy's turn...
 And Hannah's.
 Packing as many pumpkins as would fit in the wagon to set out on the porch!
 The girls helped me make some monster cupcakes for our ward carnival.  I saw these craft googly eyes around the house and knew exactly what to do with them.  They turned out pretty fun I thought.
 So we had a theme all picked out for our family for Halloween, and as much as we were all in favor of the was going to require  a lot of work and shopping to make it all happen.  Not always fun, or in the budget, so we eventually called it quits on that.  We were going to go in a Despicable Me theme.  Jed would have been Gru, I was going to be the box of shame, Drew would be Vector, Madelyn would have been Margo, Hannah would be Edith, and Lily would have been Agnes, and Claire a minion.  We drew lots of pictures of our family in our costumes just for fun, but that was as far as it went!  So instead, everyone chose some very simple costumes which made my life so sweet and smooth. 
 Madelyn decided on a rockstar, and we made this awesome guitar together which she named "Firebolt."
Drew was a fisherman, he likes the nice simple non-scary/gruesome costumes.  Lily went to the ward carnival as a duck.  That girl was very fickle and it was hard to pin down a costume for her.

 I'm not even sure what duck Madelyn is with, since Claire was a duck too....
 I love that we are to the point where we have a number of costumes already in our possession and they can go pick whatever they want from there.  Hannah chose the butterfly from our stocked Halloween costume box, so nice.  :)
 I didn't take many pictures from the ward carnival, but I did get Claire playing with her balloon.
 Nice, right?
 Claire stationed herself under her highchair while the rest of us got our hands slimy and gooey carving pumpkins, that was probably the only zone spared from pumpkin seeds and goo in the entire kitchen.  It's not pretty when there's several pumpkins getting carved!
 Some of the action....
 It is a lot of work, and I took this on while Jed was out of town.  I went to bed exhausted, with a messy kitchen.  :)
 Oh yeah.
 But it was worth it because we had a Halloween dinner the next night set to jack-o-lantern candlelight.
 Little jack-o-lantern parade:

 Here is my only picture from Halloween night.  Nice huh??  I pride myself on being a great photographer, hahaha.  I just love that flash in the mirror!  I'm sure this was a pretty hurried picture as everyone was so excited to get out the door.  Oh yeah, and Lily decided this day to be bat girl.  And we sprayed her hair black.  It was actually pretty darn cute!  Luckily that was in the costume box too.  I don't care how many times they change their minds, as long as I don't have to leave the house to get anything!!  :)
It was such a great Halloween.  Much lower stress than last year.  
We had a Halloween party at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's this year too.  It was fun and we all dressed up for that too.  I even came up with a last minute snowman costume.  :)  No pictures though.
 And Claire climbs all over the place and has for several months.....but now she discovered she can get in the treat cupboard.  Things will never be the same.  :)
She reminds me so much of mischievous Hannah at this stage.  :)

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